Kimmel Says It Was Clear Trump Wouldn’t Be Arrested ‘The Minute He Said He Was’ (Video)

“Trump remains at extra-extra large. He is still out there,” Kimmel jokes

Jimmy Kimmel took a victory lap, sort of, on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” after Donald Trump ended up not being arrested earlier in the day.

You’ll recall that on Monday, Kimmel expressed heavy skepticism that such a thing would happen, and so it is on Tuesday he joked that due to the former president’s history of lying, “We should have known he wasn’t getting arrested the minute he said he was getting arrested.”

Quick reminder: On Saturday, as part of a larger ALL CAPS rant on Truth Social, Trump claimed that he would likely be arrested on Tuesday as part of the New York investigation into the payments he gave to his ex-mistress, former porn star Stormy Daniels, to keep her from disclosing their relationship before the 2016 election.

Of course, by now you know Trump wasn’t arrested. Varied reports indicate that if he’s arrested at all, it might not be until next week. Now, back to Kimmel.

“Thank you for joining us on a cold and rainy and what was supposed to be a very bigly day today,” Kimmel said as he kicked off his monologue. “Donald Trump said he was going to be arrested today in New York … But the day came and went and Trump remains at extra-extra large. He is still out there.”

“We should have known he wasn’t getting arrested the minute he said he was getting arrested,” Kimmel continued. “And I have to say, it’s really a shame he wasn’t arrested today. Because what better day for Trump to get arrested than on Rosie O’Donnell’s birthday? Wouldn’t that have been sweet? Wouldn’t that have been just poetic. That’s kind of where it all started.”

Kimmel went on, explaining the ins and outs, such as they’re known. “The grand jury in New York is scheduled to meet tomorrow. We could see an indictment tomorrow. Trump might not have to surrender to authorities tomorrow. He might not have to surrender until sometime next week, if at all. The New York Post is reporting that Trump is in ‘high spirits.’ They said his team is, quote, ‘very pumped’ about the possibility of a big public arrest, for real.”

“They plan to ‘film and document it with their own camera crew, they want a shot of him in cuffs and will release the mugshot.’ They are loving this stuff,” Kimmel continued, quoting from media reports. “Well good, that makes two of us. Finally we agree on something. I’m loving it, too.”

After noting that “Trump is reported to be ‘reveling being back in the news and the center of attention,’” Kimmel had an important constitutional question.

“If Trump goes to prison, does the Secret Service go with him? Like do they have to be in there? Do they have to search? It sounds like the premise for a Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Hart movie, right? ‘Jail to the Chief.’”

We’d watch it. And you can watch the entire “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” monologue above right now.