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Kimmel Says Trump Is So Scared of Being Arrested He’s ‘All-Capsing in His Pants’ (Video)

”The clock is ticking,“ the late night host said.

Donald Trump has not been indicted and is still a free man, for now at least — we just don’t know how things will shake out. But Jimmy Kimmel thinks Trump is freaking out about the possibility nevertheless, as evidenced by how the twice impeached former president is getting louder and louder on social media.

Trump’s so scared, Kimmel says, that he’s “all-capsing in his pants,” referring of course to how Trump tends to shout a lot on social media.

“The clock is ticking on Donald Trump,” Kimmel said. “We are now on day three of – “To Catch A President,” He said he would be arrested on Tuesday, [but] the grand jury was out again today and will not reconvene until next week.”

Kimmel added, “So nothing’s going to happen until next week but make no mistake, Trump is all-capsing in his pants over this.”

For those of you who haven’t been following Trump’s legal issues. He’s under the microscope in two states; Georgia, for election tampering, and New York, for hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels just days before the 2016 presidential election. Officials in New York are reportedly considering indicting Trump, which Kimmel said has him screaming in all caps on Truth Social.

“Today, he demanded the removal of every top official investigating him. The special council Jackson Smith, the Atlanta district attorney, the Attorney General Letitia James. He lashed out at the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel showed Trump’s post on the conservative website and continued, “He asked, ‘Why won’t Bragg drop this case?’ Everybody says there is no crime here.’”

“No, not true at all,” Kimmel said and then continued reading Trump’s post. “’I did nothing wrong! It was all made up by a convicted nut job with zero credibility.’”

Kimmel joked, “By the way, this convicted nut job with zero credibility, is his former lawyer, fixer, and closest confidante for more than ten years, Michael Cohen. Who’s only convicted because he did something illegal for Donald Trump.”

Kimmel pointed out that Trump called Bragg an “animal” and said he’s “who was doing the work of the devil.” Trump continued to rant, and Kimmel said he likes it’s the Manhattan DA who just might bring Trump down.

“But I have to say, I love the idea that a guy named “Bragg” might send him to jail. It’s like the thing he loves doing most could send him up the river,” Kimmel said.

To see more of Kimmel’s jokes about Trump and the entire monologue, click the video above.