Kimmel Says the Trump-Michael Bolton Dating Story Is ‘Whitest Thing I’ve Ever Heard’ (Video)

Maggie Haberman’s new Trump bio isn’t just composed of critically important news she held back

Jimmy Kimmel talked about several weirder details about Maggie Haberman’s new Donald Trump biography in his monologue on Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live — most notably very off-putting stories about Trump’s love life, including one that involved a Michael Bolton concert.

Haberman received a lot of criticism for the new book, “Confidence Man,” because it would seem there were instances of her learning information of national importance while writing it that she held back from the public to make her book juicier.

But not everything in that book was stuff she could have reported sooner than she did. Some of it is gossipy and weird and somewhat funny info that really fleshes out the character of a man who tried to overthrow the government when he lost an election. Like the stuff Kimmel talked about.

“This book says that after the election in 2016, Melania renegotiated her prenuptial agreement,” Kimmel said while chuckling. “You know, those two love birds, they’re so romantic. And it’s really sweet.”

“Years ago, before he proposed to his second wife, Marla Maples, they broke up and she started dating Michael Bolton, the singer,” Kimmel said next. “So of course Trump had to get her back. And once he did, he took her to a Michael Bolton concert, just to rub it in.”

“He really showed Michael Bolton,” Kimmel joked, “by buying two tickets to see him in concert. Going to see Michael Bolton to assert dominance in a relationship? That’s gotta be the whitest thing I’ve ever heard anyone do.”

Kimmel went on from there, including another pretty gross story about Trump’s love life and his workplace habits during his presidency.

You can watch Wednesday’s full “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” monologue in the video above.