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Kimmel Willing to Let Trump Remain President If He Wears Lululemon Yoga Pants for Next 4 Years (Video)

ABC late-night host jokes ”The Bachelorette“ had ”more peaceful transition of power than the presidency this time“

President Donald Trump has yet to concede to President-elect Joe Biden, and Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t think he will anytime soon. So the ABC late-night host revealed during Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” his plan to allow Trump to stay in office under one very specific condition.

“I think I have a solution though that will make everyone happy,” Kimmel said during his monologue last night. “Here’s the deal. President Trump, we’re going to let you be president again, we’re going to let you stay for another term. But you have to do it in yoga pants. OK? All four years. Not under the clothes, not under the suit.”

“Any time you have a meeting, photo-op, you welcome the prime minster of Tonga to the Oval Office, climb onto Air Force One, you do all of it in Lululemon yoga pants,” he continued, “And if we ever catch you not wearing them, you have to leave. Think about it though, you have an hour to respond.”

Yeah, Jimmy seems pretty confident that might be a deal Trump isn’t willing to take in order to stay commander in chief.

Kimmel joked that ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” which switched leading ladies from Clare Crawley to Tayshia Adams this week, “had a more peaceful transition of power than the presidency this time,” as “POTUS refuses to go-tus.”

“He still won’t concede to Joe Biden and by all accounts, he has no plans to do so any time soon,” Kimmel said. “It’s very strange, we’re basically ignoring the president of the United States like he’s a crazy guy on a subway platform. He’s ranting and raving. We just raise the volume on our Air Pods and hope he doesn’t shove us into an oncoming train.”

Watch Kimmel’s full Tuesday night monologue via the video above.