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Kimmel Wonders if There’s ‘Anyone Under the Age of 80 Who Could Run for President’ (Video)

”I think the rule should be you can’t be President if you have a walk-in tub,“ Jimmy Kimmel jokes

Jimmy Kimmel covered a lot of topics during his monologue on Thursday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” including the still-thankfully-far-away 2024 presidential election. But he did have a fairly pointed observation about the increasing agedness of America’s political leadership when he asked if there could be anyone younger than 80 capable of doing that job.

That question came while Kimmel was talking about Donald Trump at length.

“You know, the Hamburglar still hasn’t announced his plans for 2024. But when he does, Sarah Palin would like to be his running mate,” Kimmel noted.

“She told the Associated Press that she would be open to sinking yet another campaign for President,” Kimmel continued, referring of course to her role as John McCain’s running mate in 2008. “What a pair that would be. This is like hearing Hepatitis A wants to partner up with Hepatitis B.”

This brought him to the Democratic party and the extremely old agedness of its leaders, specifically.

“And then, on the other side of the aisle, if Joe Biden decides he doesn’t want to run for re-election, Bernie Sanders — according to a memo obtained by The Washington Post — says that ‘In the event of an open 2024 Democratic presidential primary, Sen. Sanders has not ruled out another run for president.'” 

“God might but he hasn’t,” Kimmel quipped. “Isn’t there anyone under the age of 80 who could run for President of this country? I think the rule should be – you can’t be President if you have a walk-in tub.

Kimmel also weighed in on Rudy Giuliani being invited as a contestant on Fox’s “The Masked Singer.”

“I mean, I know it’s Fox, but I still can’t believe they did this, they put him on,” Kimmel said. “Rudy Giuliani tried to overthrow our government. Who do they have? Is Jared from Subway and the Zika virus next?”

Watch the whole monologue above now.

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