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‘Runaways’ Star Kip Pardue Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Co-Star on Indie TV Set

Sarah Scott says Pardue placed her hand on his erect penis while shooting a sex scene

“Marvel’s Runaways” star Kip Pardue has been accused of sexual misconduct by actress Sarah Scott.

In a story published by the Los Angeles Times Sunday, Scott says Pardue assaulted her in May while they were filming, “Mogulettes,” an independent television pilot. According to the Times, Scott first recounted her story to the outlet that same month, saying Pardue became aroused when they were shooting a sex scene together and proceeded to place her hand on his erect penis.

Scott told the Times that Pardue asked her to come to his dressing room, where he masturbated in front of her. Scott says, “I literally froze. I said, ‘What are you doing?'” saying Pardue responded, “This isn’t a #MeToo thing. I’m not your employer. It’s not like I can fire you.”

Per the LA Times, “Pardue apologized for placing Scott’s hand on his penis during their scene together. But he denied everything the actress alleges that happened after the scene was completed.”

“I clearly misread the situation during a sex scene on set and have apologized to Sarah,” Pardue said in a statement obtained by TheWrap. “I never intended to offend her in any way and deeply regret my actions and have learned from my behavior.”

According to the Times, Scott reported the incident to “Mogulettes” director Dave Fraunces and producer Mandy Henderson, as well as the Screen Actors Guild, sought advice from the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, and filed a police report with the Hermosa Beach Police Department.

“Sarah is a fellow producer on the show with us,” Fraunces said in a statement to TheWrap Monday. “She told us the next morning after the incident occurred. She was visibly upset. We took her lead in how it was handled (who else was told and when they were told). And please know, we (the entire producer group and the cast/crew) believe Sarah 100 percent. She recounted in specific detail the order of events surrounding the incident.”

“We knew Kip would not be back to set (his scenes were completed) and Sarah did not want to negatively impact the show,” he continued. “So with her guidance, we continued and finished the shoot. Sarah was the first person to agree to do the pilot with us. We previously worked together on a feature doc and a smaller web series.”

Henderson added in her own statement to TheWrap, “After she let us know, we assured her that we will back her up and follow her lead as to how she wants to handle things. Of course, as a producer, you have the fleeting thought ‘What does this mean for the show?’ But that thought took an immediate back seat to Sarah getting whatever she needed. This production will not be one of those that recasts her because she spoke out. It is time that we all stand together. This is no longer about men vs women. This is right vs wrong, professional vs unprofessional, and respectful vs disrespectful. Kip violated all of us that day and those of us out there trying to fight the good fight will stand with Sarah as one for whatever she wants and needs and I speak for my entire cast, crew, and production team in saying that.”

Despite her actions to report and seek help regarding the incident, Scott told the Times she has not seen any development in the last five months.

“In Hollywood terms, I am not a name, but I am a working actress,” Scott told the Times. “This is how I make my money, and help support my family. I’ve been out in Los Angeles pounding the pavement as a proud union member for 15 years. I was sexually violated while at work, and even though I had the courage to tell anyone and everyone who’d listen, as time went on it seemed like I had very little control in truly preventing this from happening to anyone else.”

Jonathan Steinsapir, Pardue’s attorney, said in a statement to TheWrap that his client “would welcome a SAG hearing or any other fair process to resolve this matter.”

When reached for comment by TheWrap, the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund provided this suggested revision to a section in the LA Times story: “In mid-October, Scott reengaged with Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund through [Kendra Barkoff, a public relations consultant with SKDKnickerbocker who represents Time’s Up] and reconnected with [Katherine Atkinson, a lawyer who had volunteered her services to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund]. After getting an application from Atkinson and reviewing it through their process, Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund agreed to help pay for the cost of Atkinson’s representation of Scott.”

In response to TheWrap’s request for comment on SAG’s involvement with Scott’s accusations — Pamela Greenwalt, SAG-AFTRA’s chief communications and marketing officer — provided an overview of the member-to-member reporting process, along with this statement: “Legal and disciplinary matters are strictly confidential and thus, as is customary, SAG-AFTRA declined to comment on your specific inquiry.”

Sergeant Mick Gaglia of the Hermosa Beach Police Department told TheWrap in a statement Monday, “We are currently investigating the incident related to the LA Times story.”

Scott did not respond to TheWrap‘s request for additional comment.