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Kit Harington Shares Ridiculous ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Theory (Video)

”Please never become a screenwriter,“ the actor jokes on ”The Rich Eisen Show“

Kit Harington just shared a “Game of Thrones” fan theory that’s for the dogs… literally. The actor appeared on “The Rich Eisen Show” Tuesday to talk about his least favorite ending a fan had ever imagined for the popular HBO series.

As Harington told Eisen, this fan theorized that the show had all been a dream of Jon Snow’s dire wolf, Ghost. Yep, a dream. And not even a person’s dream, but a dog’s dream.

“That was his theory, and he was dead serious about it,” said Harington. “That was the worst ending! Can you imagined if it ended like that?”

If “GoT” actually ended like that, fans could get even more upset than they did over the infamous Red Wedding.

The video was provided by “The Rich Eisen Show” and can be seen above.