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Pro Ballers Get Dunked On Hard in Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets – NBA Edition (Video)

Charles Barkley, Draymond Green, Kobe Bryant and more kick off the NBA finals by getting their feelings hurt

Draymond Green poked LeBron James in the eye and got fouled twice for it Thursday night during Game One of the NBA Finals, but maybe he’s just mad after appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for another round of “Mean Tweets.”

You know the drill: Famous people read the cruel things people tweet about them. The NBA edition of “Mean Tweets,” commemorating the start of the NBA finals, featured past and current ballers, including Green.

Charles Barkley discovered he “has pancake t—–s,” to which Sir Charles replied “that’s not true. ‘Cause I would eat them.”

Meanwhile, from the current crop of NBA players, Timberwolves point guard Jimmy Butler learned he won one Twitter user’s “most hated player in the league award. Ugly f—–. What the f— is that on his head? He looks dirty as s—.”

The best moment came when someone impugned the manliness of Kobe Bryant, who learned he “looks like he crys (sic) to can I get a kiss from a rose by seal.” The song, of course, is “Kiss From a Rose” by English singer Seal, from the movie “Batman Forever.”

“Really?” Kobe said, who then did a pretty good Seal impression. “I’m not crying, but I will sing this s—,” he said.

And as for Draymond, he was told that his “jump shot is ALMOST as ugly as his face… Almost.” He countered that “it’s a damn good-looking jump shot,” but fortunately, he didn’t punch anyone in the junk.

Watch the whole clip above.

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