Kris Tapley’s Awards Blog In Contention Leaving Hitfix

Oscar predictor’s column landed at entertainment site in 2011

Awards column In Contention is parting ways with its parent host Hitfix, Kris Tapley announced on the blog Friday.

“This will be my, and In Contention’s, last month as part of the HitFix family,” he wrote.

Tapley also shared he made the decision to join Hitfix in 2011 when approached by co-founder Gregory Ellwood.

“When we came here, HitFix was an evolving brand,” he said. “It was a destination for broader audiences but, with various trade dabbling and acquisitions, it was also a great destination for industry readership. I liked that hybrid personality.”

Hitfix made the decision to move away from its awards coverage and focus more on its consumer-facing content, according to Tapley.

He started In Contention independently in 2005.

There’s no word yet if he will go back to operating his site independently or find another partner, and Tapley told TheWrap, “everything is on the table” in that regard.