Kristen Bell Defends Politically Outspoken Stars: ‘I’m Not a Citizen Because I’m an Actor?’ (Video)

BE Conference 2017: “F— that,” actress says to conservatives who criticize celebrities who speak out on issues

Kristen Bell will not be silenced when it comes to her political views, despite a renewed cynicism for Hollywood types that use their platforms to weigh in on various issues.

“So I’m not a citizen anymore because I’m an actor? Fuck that,” Bell said during a conversation at the inaugural BE Conference, a gathering of influential women in Austin, Texas.

The star of NBC’s Mike Schur comedy “The Good Place” has had run-ins with President Donald Trump, and speaks often on issues like child hunger and the Flint water crisis on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

“I’m not any less allowed to share what I believe, and I’m very lucky for that and to have the audience. When people are listening you don’t quiet down, you speak up,” Bell said to applause.

“You guys are in this room because you’re taking about what you believe in and you want to lead the charge to be there,” she concluded. Watch her full discussion with TheWrap Founder and CEO Sharon Waxman above.

The BE is a special gathering of influential women in Media, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and Technology.

The two-day event offers networking, workshops, panels and mentor sessions with top industry executives, thought leaders and creatives in a first-class setting for networking, mentorship and ideas.

Speakers will include award-winning TV journalist Soledad O’Brien; LinkedInCMO Shannon Stubo; Author and Media Strategist Wendy Sachs; Co-founders & Co-CEO’s of WERK Annie Dean; and Anna Auerbach; Jesse Draper, Founder, Halogen Ventures; Sarah Avins, CDO, NY Presbyterian Hospital; Eddie Bauer guide and mountaineer, Melissa Arnot; Andrea Razzaghi, Deputy Director of Astrophysics at NASA and many more.

The BE is a joint creation of TheWrap and the Mom 2.0 Summit. The event is hosted at Austin’s Omni Barton Creek Resort and Hotel.