Kristen Bell Wages Twitter War With People Magazine Over ‘Pedorazzi’ Photos of Kids

The “Veronica Mars” actress and husband Dax Shepard want the media to be held accountable

Kristen Bell is mad at People Magazine.

The “Veronica Mars” star is upset that the publication runs photos of children of celebrities, taken by individuals she refers to as the “pedorazzi.”

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Bell thinks People should be above tabloid journalism and should institute a “no kids policy,” and tweeted as much about it in a series of comments on Saturday, calling on her followers to support her. Hundreds of them did.

Here are a few of the tweets:

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Bell, who had a baby girl, Lincoln, last March, recently went on the Today show with husband Dax Shepard to discuss their concerns about aggressive paparazzi who are more interested in celebrity offspring than the celebrities themselves. Many other actors have expressed similar fears.