Kristen Stewart Faces Jimmy Fallon in Jell-O Shot Twister (Video)

The “Twilight” actress almost loses to Fallon when the shots seem to get the best of her

Kristen Stewart faced off against Jimmy Fallon in a game of Jell-O shot Twister on the “Tonight Show” Monday night.

Fallon was inspired to play the classic party game because it was the 50th anniversary of when former “Tonight Show” host Johnny Carson played Twister with Eva Gabor. Fallon, who is no stranger to playing drinking games on the flagship NBC late-night show, added the alcoholic twist.

Jell-O shot Twister has the same rules as the regular game except that when the player puts their hand or foot down, they have to eat the shot on the designated circle. The first one to fall down loses.

Let the games begin.

Watch the video above.