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Kristen Wiig Hilariously Butchers ‘Hallelujah’ Duet With James Corden (Video)

”I don’t know who will bring about world peace, but it won’t be us,“ Corden says when Wiig repeatedly messes up

“Hallelujah” is one of the most famous and iconic songs of all time, but still, Kristen Wiig can’t seem to sing the song properly.

Wiig was a guest on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” on Wednesday night, and the duo wanted to spread some holiday cheer in these turbulent times by singing a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s classic.

Everything went well, until Corden realized Wiig’s pronunciation of the word “Hallelujah” wasn’t quite right.

“I’m sorry, Kristen,” he said after he stopped the music. “I don’t know if you are pronouncing … I think you are pronouncing Hallelujah wrong.”

“I don’t think I was,” Wiig responded, but agreed to try again. However, she still couldn’t get it right but found a different way to pronounce it wrong, which angered Corden. He then tried to get her to say Hallelujah out loud in conversation, but she refused to say the actual word.

Throughout the video, Wiig transformed “Hallelujah” to “Hollaback girl,” “Halle Berry,” “Hickory Farms,” “How are you” and “Happy Doo Dee,” among others.

“I don’t know who will bring about world peace, but it won’t be us,” Corden said after the final straw. “I cannot bear this cross any longer.”

“James,” Wiig said, trying to calm him down. “Don’t let ISIS win.”

In the end, she got it right, and harmonizing with a choir commenced — but Corden got a weird look on his face and realized that the choir was singing, “Hello Julia” instead of “Hallelujah.” And it was all Wiig’s fault.

Watch the video above.