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Jimmy Fallon’s ‘True Confessions': Kumail Nanjiani Tried to Kill Someone Back in Singapore (Video)

Chris Hemsworth just learned a lot about his ”Men in Black: International“ co-star

“Men in Black: International” stars Chris Hemsworth and Kumail Nanjiani joined Jimmy Fallon for a round of “True Confessions” on Wednesday, when we all learned quite a bit about the “Silicon Valley” actor.

First though, it was Hemsworth’s turn to either lie or tell the truth in the “Tonight Show” game. Thor told the truth, but the description of the Aussie’s first job sure sounded like a lie.

After Hemsworth, Fallon told a tall tale about partying with Dolph Lundgren and an angry pack of wolves. That one was untrue, but it also wasn’t any crazier than what Nanjiani actually did back in the day.

Buckle in for this one, folks.

Here is Nanjiani’s “True Confession,” as contained in Envelope No. 1: “I once tried to murder someone in Singapore.”

Yeah, things escalated very quickly.

It was “strangulation, pretty standard,” Nanjiani elaborated while being grilled by Dets. Fallon and Hemsworth.

Good Lord, what was in Envelope No. 2? Watch the video above.

“Men in Black: International,” which also stars Tessa Thompson, Rebecca Ferguson, Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson, opens in theaters tomorrow. Please red-light zap our memory of Nanjiani’s whole story.