‘Glee’ Couples Experience ‘The First Time’ — and You Should Watch (Video)

Two teen couples — gay and heterosexual — have sex for the first time, while the rest of the "Glee" kids perform "West Side Story"

After a pretty consistently terrific debut season, "Glee," as most fans would likely agree, has had its storyline ups and downs.

But kicking a reliance on gimmicky guest stars (let Gwyneth Paltrow focus on running Goop.com, shall we?) has made the show's third season something to look forward to again, and tonight's much-anticipated episode, "The First Time," is one that no Gleek should miss.

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"The First Time" refers to, of course, McKinley High couples Kurt and Blaine, and Rachel and Finn, who have sex for the first time.

Whatever fretting TV watchdog groups may be doing, both storylines are sweet and emotional, and focus more on that aspect of the romance than the actual physical moments. Without spoiling the details, "Klaine" and "Finchel" fans should all be happy, and maybe a little teary, during "The First Time."

Meanwhile, Artie finally gets to direct his production of "West Side Story," Dave Karofsky returns (in a surprising place) and Finn gets a visit from a college football recruiter, which leads to yet another heart-tugging plot development: The recruiter takes a liking to Coach Bieste.

"Glee" airs tonight on Fox.