Kyiv Independent Site Surges From 20,000 Followers to 1.4 Million Since Russian Invasion

The startup vows to never “serve a rich owner or oligarch”

Getty Images

The Kyiv Independent, a Ukrainian English media outlet, gained 1 million followers in the wake of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

Anastasia Lapatina, a journalist with the Independent, tweeted the news Sunday.

The startup outlet, with a Twitter following now passing 1.4 million, came to be after a group of more than 30 ex-Kyiv Post journalists joined forces with the aim of regaining editorial independence and carrying on their values after the owner shut down the publication on Nov. 8, 2021.

The staff unanimously chose Olga Rudenko, former deputy chief editor at the Kyiv Post, who worked there for 10 years, to helm the new publication as editor-in-chief.

The Kyiv Independent says it was founded on principles that reflect the transition from the Post and that it will always be partially owned by its journalists and won’t “serve a rich owner or oligarch.” Its revenue will be derived from readers, donors and commercial activities.

Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine Feb. 24, 2022, after tension built up at their borders as a result of Russian troops being stationed there. Many well-known political figures and celebrities of Ukrainian heritage have issued statements about these events. President Biden aims to impose economic sanctions in order to get President Vladimir Putin’s attention.

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