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Kylie Jenner’s ‘First Super Nude Shoot’ Has Social Media Split Between Pity and Praise

”Sad sad sad that this is all this kid is. Just a body,“ laments one commenter

Social media users are baring their thoughts about Kylie Jenner baring her body — and the reactions are pretty mixed.

“Life of Kylie” star Jenner appears just a few super-sheer bits of clothing away from full-on nudity in a photo-shoot for V Magazine, which was teased on the magazine’s website on Friday. Social media was quick to weigh in, with thoughts that ranged between pity and praise.

“That was actually my first super nude shoot,” Jenner told the magazine of the shoot. “I always post sexy pictures, but have never really gone nude.”

Fans and haters alike likewise shared their naked thoughts on the photos.

“Poor child, so sad,” weighed in one commenter over at V’s Instagram page.

“yawns,” went one particularly pithy response.

“What having money and low self confidence does to your body!” howled another responder.

“Fake body,” huffed another detractor.

“An American Classic Lots of money and a deteriorating soul void of any self esteem or self worth. Sad sad sad that this is all this kid is. Just a body. A body. A body,” read another reflection.

“The Kardashians are like social media herpes they keep coming back even after negativity and bad publicity. Our version of a post apocalyptic social media fed cockroach,” yet another unsatisfied customer wrote.

“But cries on tv talking about not wanting to be famous. This kids got some deep deep issues,” wrote another critic.

To be fair, Jenner’s photos also drew some fans.

“I really love these photos,” one admirer enthused.

“Queen,” another simply noted.

“I Love it,” read another response.

“So hot,” another fan assessed.