Kyrsten Sinema Shredded for Wearing a Jean Jacket to Preside Over the Senate: ‘Does She Think This Is a F–ing Rodeo?’ (Video)

The hallowed chamber has rarely seen such attire

Senator Kyrsten Sinema
Getty Images

Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema wore a jean jacket vest Tuesday to preside over the U.S. Senate.

The throwback fashion statement — and we’ll call it what it was, tacky — wasn’t her first questionable choice or behavior that has drawn condemnation. But the utter surprise for those expecting a more professional sartorial demeanor — even from her — remained.

And it came at a crossroads, as congressional Democrats closed in on a deal for a domestic spending package. It’s something Sinema had previously stood in the way of, provoking anger among many of her colleagues in part because, in addition to trolling instead of engaging, she used it as part of an apparent attention-getting ploy.

Sinema’s strategy continued. But it injected denim into a space that, though desecrated in the Jan. 6 insurrection, has rarely seen such garb — even around Halloween.

It did not go without notice.

Twitter memes were also not in short supply.

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