Kyrsten Sinema’s State of the Union Dress Unites America in Mockery: ‘Skinned Big Bird for Her Outfit’

Arizona senator wore a bright yellow dress with comically huge sleeves to Biden’s second SOTU speech.

Kyrsten Sinema Yellow Dress SOTU Mocked
Kyrsten Sinema widely mocked for the loud yellow dress she wore to the State of the Union speech

President Joe Biden’s second State of the Union address emphasized bipartisanship again and again. But while he may or not have achieved it, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema certainly did when she brought Americans of all stripes together to make fun of her outfit.

Now Sinema, the once-Democratic Senator who ostentatiously re-registered as an independent last November, has been frequently called out for what critics say is attention-seeking behavior. But she may have outdone herself with her State of the Union look: An extremely bright yellow dress with huge, extremely frilly sleeves that had people comparing her to everything from Big Bird to a Teletubby.

One user said Sinema skinned Big Bird to get her outfit.

Another one noted Sinema’s classic video game energy.

Many asked variations on “Who wore it better,” for example:

And of course, people referenced the whole China Spy Balloon thing.

Another very good “Who wore it better?” joke.

One of our favorites:

Sinema was also caught in 4K while President Biden was speaking on Tuesday night.

The camera panned to the senator as she had her phone in hand and swiftly put it away. We’re pretty sure she was posting this tweet at the time.

Read on for more of how people mocked the thumbs-down lady from Arizona.