‘LA to Vegas': Captain Dave Tries to Buy Colin’s Used Engagement Ring (Exclusive Video)

The Jackpot Airlines pilot is out one rock and doesn’t care how big an IOU he has to write

Yup, it’s definitely happening: Captain Dave (Dylan McDermott) is actually going to propose to Patricia (Amy Landecker) in the Season 1 finale of “LA to Vegas.”

Well, if he can get his hands on an engagement ring, that is.

In a clip from Tuesday’s first season closer, which is exclusive to TheWrap, the eccentric Jackpot Airlines pilot is out one rock and looking for another so that he can pop the question to Nichole’s (Olivia Macklin) mother. Problem is, he’s got no money. (Classic, Dave.)

He proposed the idea of the proposal to Colin (Ed Weeks) and Artem (Peter Stormare) at the end of last week’s episode, and they were not on board. Mainly because, you know, the Patricia and Dave had just broken up.

But now it seems his friends are willing to help, with Colin even considering selling Dave his ex’s engagement ring that is now available due to the “flaming wreckage” of his failed marriage.

And big spender Dave is willing to write an IOU for any amount to get the family heirloom. Now they just have to get Colin’s ex to hand it over.

Watch the clip above.

The “LA to Vegas” Season 1 finale, titled “The Proposal,” airs tonight, Tuesday, at 9/8 c on Fox.