Lachlan Murdoch Shuts Door on Megyn Kelly’s Return to Fox News

New Fox chairman also downplayed longtime TV content producers angry over news channel’s coverage

Lachlan Murdoch at NYT DealBook

Fox co-chairman Lachlah Murdoch shut down any notion on Thursday that Megyn Kelly will be returning to Fox News.

“Look, I’m a big fan of Megyn’s. I like her a lot. We didn’t want her to leave Fox when she did,” he said Thursday at The New York Times DealBook event. “Having said that, I’m very happy with our current lineup on Fox and we won’t be making any changes there.”

When asked if she is “damaged” from her initial defense of wearing blackface on Halloween, Lachlan replied, “Sure, I think she is.”

Murdoch then called Kelly “very talented” and said he hopes she returns to the media.

And then there is the Steve Levitan thing. The “Modern Family” co-creator has vowed to not work with Fox broadcast again so long as it is under the same umbrella as Fox News.

“I completely understand where that’s coming from,” Lachlan said about it today when asked. “Our biggest critics of Fox News are not watching Fox News. They’re picking up pieces from Twitter, social media, and elsewhere.”

Finally, if you were wondering, no, Lachlan does not watch “Succession,” the HBO series about a rich family that controls a major media organization. Sound familiar?

“I’m too busy watching ‘Billions,’” he quipped, talking about the similarly themed Showtime show.