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Lady Gaga and Dalai Lama Discuss Compassion in the Face of Horror

The unlikely pairing join forces for a Facebook Live Chat

Singer-turned-actress Lady Gaga can now add journalist to her resume.

Gaga sat down with the Dalai Lama for a Facebook Live chat Sunday morning, in which she asked the Tibetan Buddhist leader user-submitted questions. Many of the questions focused on finding inner peace in this turbulent world.

“How do you help young people address issues of poor self-esteem, managing eating disorders, addiction, self-harm and suicide?” one submission asked.

“These problems are a lack of ability [to have] compassionate feelings. Too much self-centered,” the Dalai Lama replied, explaining today’s culture is “too materialistic.”

“[The] existing environment is unhealthy. The younger generation has to create more healthy environment. That way, the future generation will be more complete.”

The Dalai Lama also stressed compassion to others.

“When you show more sense of concern for others’ well being, then you also get the feeling ‘I am something useful to others.’ That brings more self-confidence and meaningful life. Otherwise, you become lonely … feel helpless, discouraged.”

Gaga echoed his sentiments, “Caring for others and having compassion, it gives you a sense of purpose. So it helps you to feel less alone and alienated because you know we that all belong together.”

“Basically, we are social animals, so individuals’ futures entirely depend on the community,” the spiritual leader replied.

Another question for His Holiness: “How can I still feel at peace with so much horror in this wonderful world? I need peace of mind. I’m losing it.”

He responded that it’s all about perspective. “When some problem happens, if you look closely, it appears unbearable. The same problem, looked [at] from distance and wider perspective, then yes, ‘there a problem I have to face,’ but there are other very positive things … so I should not feel a loss of hope.”

The Dalai Lama also praised the benefits of meditation and yoga in the 20 minute chat.

You can watch the unusual pairing’s entire discussion here.