Lady Gaga Does ‘The Simpsons': Sneak Peek (Video)

Watch "Born This Way" singer Lady Gaga hit Springfield in the most fabulous way possible

Lady Gaga brings her divine presence in animated form to the season finale of "The Simpsons" on May 20, and a new short promotional clip for the episode offers an idea of how the "Born This Way" chanteuse will come across in two-dimensional form.

Judging from the brief advance look, the episode — dubbed "Lisa Goes Gaga" — will touch on most of the milestones of the singer's career: The meat dress. The flame-shooting bra. The aerial stage acrobatics.

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And what "Simpsons" episode would be complete without Grandpa Simpson's utter befuddlement over pop-culture phenomenon? (Hopefully, he'll give Gaga a lecture about how, back in his day, wearing an onion on your belt was all the rage style-wise.)

Watch Gaga get animated in the video.