Lady Gaga Wasn’t First: Watch Last Super Bowl National Anthem That Divided Gamblers (Video)

Hey, Christina Aguilera: You forgot all about those ramparts

Lady Gaga‘s Super Bowl 50 National Anthem had some serious gambling implications when a controversial riffed repeat of the final Star-Spangled lyric set the Internet on fire.

But the leader of the Little Monsters is not the only blonde female singer to have started a Super Bowl off on that kind of note in the past five years. Christina Aguilera pulled a similiar move in 2011.

This year, Gaga belted out “Brave” (as in, “Home of the”) twice at the end of her rendition on Sunday. Why does that indulgence matter? Well, it took her singing stage time from about two minutes, nine seconds to roughly 2:22. Those 13 seconds make a big difference when sportsbooks placed the song’s Over/Under prop bet mark at 2:20.

Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers fans surely remember the last time something like this happened.

Before the kickoff at Super Bowl XLV, Aguilera wound up a bunch of sports betters when she totally blew the “ramparts” line of the National Anthem. She ended up nailing her 1:54 window on the nose, creating a Push — meaning nobody wins, with the possible exception of the sportsbook itself.

To be fair to Xtina, no one knows what a rampart is, anyway. Watch her bumble through the “Star-Spangled Banner” in the cringe-inducing video above.

Fast-forwarding a few years, while it originally appeared that Gaga’s pre-coin toss performance was officially “Over,” giant online sportsbook Bovada elected to disqualify the second “Brave” and pay the Under.

Other sportsbooks chose to accept the full performance through the repeated word, and paid the Over after all, according to media reports.

Readers can watch that confusing moment here.