Lady Gaga Promo Urges Fans Not to Buy Her New Album, ‘Art Pop’ (Video)

Don't buy her new single, "Applause," either

Lady Gaga is resorting to reverse psychology to sell her upcoming album, "ARTPOP."

A new promo for the Nov. 11 release features the singer wearing a — wait for it — weird face mask while text appearing along the bottom of the screen tells fans "NOT" to buy the her new music because she "is no longer relevant."

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"DO NOT buy her new single 'Applause' on iTunes. Give her no A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E. DON'T dance to the song at all," the video advises. "DO NOT buy 'ARTPOP' on November 11. She's over."

Gaga, of course, doesn't really think she's over, but is responding to her critics.

"Stop the drama. Start the music," the video's message concludes before teasing the new single, which became available on iTunes on Monday, and is currently sitting pretty as the number three top song on the singles chart.

Watch Gaga stare her haters down in the video: