Lady Gaga Tells the World to #StopVictimShaming Kesha

“What happened to Kesha has happened to many female artists including myself,” the “Born This Way” singer posts on Instagram

Kesha Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has a message for the world: Don’t victim-shame Kesha.

The “Born This Way” singer, who has become one of the most vocal supporters of Kesha’s legal battle against producer Dr. Luke, once again stuck up for the “Tik Tok” singer on Thursday, cautioning her Instagram followers, “#StopVictimShaming.”

The bit of hashtag sympathy was accompanied by a longer message from Gaga, in which she declared that many women don’t speak up about the abuse they’ve endured because of “the fear that no one will believe them or their abuser has threatened their life or life of their loved ones/livelihood in order to keep their victim quiet and under their control.”

The singer added that she has suffered abuse of the type that Kesha alleges Dr. Luke committed.

“What happened to Kesha has happened to many female artists including myself and it will affect her for the rest of her life … Why is victim always the ‘liar’ why do we let people in a position of power get away with acting in humanely [sic]?”

Kesha is suing Dr. Luke, claiming that he sexually and emotionally abused her. The producer has denied the charges and filed his own countersuit.

Last week, the singer lost a bid to get out of her record contract after a judge said Sony could allow her to record with another producer. However, despite the legal setback, the singer’s fans and colleagues flocked to support her, including Gaga, who on Wednesday posted a picture of her holding hands with Kesha.

Listen and Love. #stopvictimshaming

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