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Little Monsters Defend Lady Gaga From Fat Shaming Trolls: ‘Most Inspirational Thing of 2017’

”That’s what actual women look like,“ says one fan on Twitter about the singer’s appearance during her Super Bowl LI set.

While most of America was in awe of Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl LI halftime show, there were a few others who weren’t too impressed, but it wasn’t her performance that they had an issue with … it was her body.

But while internet trolls were busy commenting on her “flabby belly” and otherwise body-shaming the “Bad Romance” artist, her fan base, better known as “Little Monsters,” quickly came to her defense. Calling her body “spectacular,” fans basically said that anyone who hated on the singer for not having the “perfect” stomach needed to get a life.

“Have to say, Lady GaGa’s belly was spectacular, that’s what actual women look like….those who think otherwise, your young and dumb,” wrote one Twitter user.

“People making fun of Lady Gaga‘s “belly fat” honestly need to take a look in the mirror & realize how messed up their perception of life is,” wrote another user in the 30-year old’s defense.

Other fans thought the fact that Lady Gaga performed on stage in front of millions of viewers without a six-pack figure was inspiring.

“Seeing Lady Gaga perform with a little fat on her belly was the most inspirational thing of 2017,” said one of her fans.

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