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Lafayette Theater Shooting: La. Gov. Bobby Jindal Ducks Gun-Control Talk, Describes Grisly Scene

”Let us bury our dead; let us mourn those who have been killed,“ politician says

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal publicly spoke about the deadly shooting at a Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater during a news conference on Friday, sidestepping the issue of gun control, but offering graphic details about the shooting scene.

Asked about what Jindal might do as a leader to prevent such tragedies in the future, Jindal was quick to refocus the conversation to the victims, noting, “We’re less than 24 hours out” from the shooting.

“There will be an absolutely appropriate time to talk about policies and politics,” Jindal said. For the time being, Jindal added, “Let’s focus on these families; let’s give them the love and the support and the prayers they need.”

Jindal added, “Let us bury our dead; let us mourn those who have been killed.”

Calling the shooting an “awful, senseless, needless tragedy,” Jindal described “pools of blood” inside the theater, saying that the theater was typical of others, but with “this horrific violence” at the center.

Jindal also said that the suspected killer, John Russell Houser, was likely “slow and methodical” in the slaughter.

“What it appears is that this was slow and methodical … this was a gunman who took his time,” Jindal said.

The shooting, which took place during a screening of the comedy “Trainwreck,” left three — including Houser — dead, with nine injured.

See video from the press conference.