Laid Off USA Today Editor to Ex-Bosses: ‘Good Luck Steering the Titanic’

Chris Gray Faust eviscerates paper in blog post.

Considering the amount of newspaper and magazine staffers who’ve been laid off this year, you’d think we’d see more of this.

In a farewell blog post on her last day, Chris Gray Faust, USA Today’s freshly pink-slipped travel editor, eviscerated the paper and its future:

"What bothers me the most is what my firing represented. See, I’ve been learning all the tricks that a modern multi-platform journalist is supposed to know. In the past 22 months, I’ve blogged, tweeted, shot photos and videos, and handled speaking engagements. I edited my section, managed my high-personality staff and then in my spare time, I wrote cover stories – something that very few other editors at USA TODAY do. I hustled and I cajoled and I ended up out on my ass anyway."

Faust, however, buried the lede, as they say:

"So to the managers who made this decision, in less than 140 characters I tell you: Good luck steering the Titanic. And thanks for the head start. Now I’m really going to run."

Read her whole post here.