LAist Editor-in-Chief Heads to KCET to Launch ‘New Blogging Operation’

Zach Behrens named editor in newly-created position at soon-to-be PBS-less TV station

A new media job change in L.A. worth noting: Zach Behrens, the editor for Gothamist-owned blog, is heading to KCET to become editor-in-chief of the public television station's new blogging operation.

Behrens will be "responsible for creating community-based content and building online engagement for a new initiative that includes launching new KCET blogs." He starts on November 10, and the blogs are slated to launch in January, when PBS-owned KCET will go indie.

Here's part of Behrens' blog post announcing the move:

After almost three years as LAist's Editor, I'm heading over to KCET, L.A.'s public television station that will split from PBS in January, making it the largest independent public television station in the nation. To say the least, this is an opportunity and challenge like no other, and I'm ecstatic to join the team to ramp up their blogging effort to make KCET a destination.

Behrens will be replaced at LAist by Lindsay William-Ross, who’s been at LAist for five years, most recently as the site's co-editor.