Lamar Odom’s $75,000 Brothel Binge: How He Racked Up That Massive Bill

TheWrap breaks down the hourly rate for a five-day Love Ranch spree — in case you were interested

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Lamar Odom’s $75,000 brothel tab may not be as exorbitant as it seems at first glance — or at least not as outrageous a payday for the working girls when one breaks it down, which is exactly what TheWrap did.

The former Los Angeles Lakers star used his credit card for a five-day around-the-clock “girlfriend experience” package at the Love Ranch, per owner Dennis Hof. In addition to sex, activities included cooking, watching TV and going out to dinner, per the plan.

Doing some hooker math, there are 120 hours in 5 days, which means the hourly rate is about $625. Split between two prostitutes, that comes down to $312.50 apiece — about what you’d pay for a lawyer, except the screwing you get from a lawyer is a lot less pleasant.

Of course, the house — er, ranch — has to get a healthy piece of that too. Let’s say the Love Ranch splits proceeds 50/50 with its girls, those ladies earned about $156.25 per hour each.

Since the Love Ranch is a legal business, it has to pay taxes — as do its independent contractors. We swear we’re not familiar with the exact income tax rate that brothel workers and owners pay Uncle Sam, but they’re sure not exempt.

We’ll let readers do their own math on dental and medical, which is surely important in the brothel business.

The former NBA star and estranged husband of reality TV personality Khloe Kardashian collapsed in the Nevada cathouse on Tuesday. He was transported by ambulance to a hospital in Pahrump, Nevada, and later taken to Sunrise Hospital in nearby Las Vegas.

On Friday, Odom opened his eyes and was able to communicate.

The former first round draft pick and U.S. Olympian had been using cocaine and sexual performance enhancing supplements on the weekend prior to his emergency, according to 911 calls placed by Love Ranch employees during Tuesday’s emergency.