Lamar Odom Took Mystery Pill, ‘Possibly Ingested Cocaine’ at Brothel, Court Documents Say

Search warrant application reveals that prostitutes heard Odom “snorting” in the bathroom

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Lamar Odom was possibly using cocaine and took an “unidentified pill” during his fateful stay at the Love Ranch brothel in Nevada, according to court documents obtained by The Wrap on Thursday.

In an application for a search warrant to draw blood from Odom, a detective with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office told a judge that he interviewed two prostitutes and the brothel’s manager after Odom collapsed. He was informed by brothel employees that Odom had taken “an unknown substance in the form of an unidentified pill” that he pulled from an unmarked plastic bag.

The detective also said that prostitutes at the legal brothel told him that Odom “possibly ingested cocaine in the bathroom adjoining to the bedroom” where he was staying. “They indicated that they heard him snorting,” the document reads. “They indicated that they had vague knowledge of him using illicit drugs.”

The detective told the judge, “I believe that Mr. Odom may be — or may have been under the influence of a controlled substance,” and that Odom’s condition when he was found — such as “a white substance coming from his mouth as well as bleeding from his nose” — are “signs or evidence of a drug overdose.”

The former Los Angeles Lakers star and husband of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” personality Khloé Kardashian was found unconscious at the brothel on Oct. 13, after checking in on Oct. 10. According to brothel owner Dennis Hof, Odom had requested a five-day, around-the-clock spree with two women, and agreed to a price of $75,000.

The warrant application’s account differs from reports at a press conference the day after the incident, which indicated that Odom had admitted to taking cocaine prior to his arrival at the brothel, and that he had taken “up to 10” herbal sexual enhancement supplements in the days before he was found unconscious.

After being hospitalized in Nevada, Odom was transported to Los Angeles this week to seek further treatment. According to Odom’s family, the former NBA star has made “miraculous progress.”

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.