Lamorne Morris Imagines His ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Guest-Host Stint as ‘Training Day’ 2 (Video)

Morris does a pretty good Denzel Washington impression

Lamorne Morris was the latest guest host for “Jimmy Kimmel Live” while Kimmel is on his annual summer break, and on Monday’s episode, he imagines his preparation for the job as something out of “Training Day.”

The pre-taped sketch, which dropped late into the monologue, had the “New Girl” star playing both the rookie host and the insane, corrupt trainer ala Denzel Washington’s Oscar-winning Alonzo Harris from “Training Day.” And on the real, Morris does a pretty damned good impression.

Highlights from the sketch include a bit inspired by the “didn’t know you like to get wet, though” scene in “Training Day,” where fake Alonzo bullies Morris into attempting to steal the television from the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” green room.

When Morris pulls the TV off the wall, an alarm starts going off. “Hold this,” ‘Alonzo’ says as he tosses a bag full of white powder on to Morris, who is of course panicking.

“Oh my god, is this crack? Did you put crack on my neck?” Morris asks.

“Crack? Hell no, those are Guillermo’s stones,” ‘Alonzo’ says.

The sketch goes off the rails when Morris shows up as a third character, Axel Foley from “Beverly Hills Cop.” And yes, his Eddie Murphy impression is also pretty good.

‘Alonzo’ tries to pin the theft of the TV on Morris. This leads to a shoot out between ‘Alonzo’ and ‘Axel’ which, of course, Axel wins, giving Morris a chance to do a parody of Alonzo’s death in “Training Day.” Complete with a dramatic, slow motion parody of Eddie Murphy’s trademark laugh.

At that point it turns out the whole thing was happening in Morris’ imagination. Kimmel’s sidekick, Guillermo walks in and after establishing that Morris isn’t actually taking the TV, decides to steal it himself.

You can watch the whole monologue above now. The “Training Day” parody kicks in about 7 minutes in.

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