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Lana Del Rey Dances in Flames in New ‘West Coast’ Music Video

Pop singer gallivants across a beach and smokes in a convertible in new single for upcoming album ”Ultraviolence“

Pop star Lana Del Rey perfectly encapsulates her “vintage California rich kid” look in the video for her new single, “West Coast,” which dropped Wednesday.

In the opening, Del Rey walks along the Santa Monica beach with a long-haired boy toy in tow. The video then cuts to Lana smoking in the backseat of a convertible driven by a rich older man. It’s all very chic, with just a twinge of the old Hollywood flair that Del Rey has embraced.

And suddenly, Lana is dancing in flames.

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“You’re flyin’ high at push on, I’m feelin’ hot to the touch. You say you miss me, and I wanna say I miss you so much,” Del Rey sings in an octave just above a whisper. “But something keeps me really quiet, I’m alive I’m a-lush. Your love, your love, your love.”

The video is the first visual hint of Del Rey’s upcoming album, “Ultraviolence,” scheduled to be drop sometime in 2014. (A specific release date has not been set yet.)

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Watch the video above.


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