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Lance Maerov, Former Weinstein Co. Board Member, Called as First Witness in Harvey Weinstein Trial

Maerov said Weinstein ”threatened personal litigation“ against him

Former Weinstein Company board member Lance Maerov was called as the prosecution’s first witness on Wednesday afternoon and said the ex-mogul had “diametrically opposed” public and private personas.

“I would say his public persona was diametrically opposed to who he was as a person,” Maerov said when asked by assistant district attorney Joan Illuzzi about Weinstein’s personality.

Maerov joined the Weinstein Company board as an observer, given that his company — WPP — was an investor. He resigned in 2018 from the board after TWC’s bankruptcy sale.

Illuzzi also asked Maerov about Weinstein’s litigiousness, and the former TWC board member said that Weinstein had “threatened personal litigation” against him. He did not go into further details about the threat.

Later, during the defense’s brief cross-examination of Maerov, Weinstein attorney Donna Rotunno asked if he didn’t like Weinstein.

“Not particularly,” Maerov responded.

Maerov appeared after the prosecution and defense offered their opening statements, where the former introduced the jury to the witness they’d be hearing from. The trial continues on Thursday.