Lara Trump Blasts CNN in Fundraising Email 2 Hours After Bomb Scare

“It’s time for us to give the media another wake-up call from the American people,” email reads

Just two hours after an explosive device was mailed to CNN’s headquarters in New York, President Donald Trump’s campaign sent out a fundraising email slamming the network.

The email starts with a quote from CNN’s Jim Acosta who, after being berated by Trump supporters at a Florida rally, told HLN: “It felt like we weren’t in America anymore.”

“It’s time for us to give the media another wake-up call from the American people,” the email, which was signed by Trump campaign advisor and daughter-in-law Lara Trump, said.

The email, obtained by TheWrap, also included a “Media Accountability Survey” with questions like, “Do you trust the mainstream media to put the interests of Americans first?”

Reporter Yashar Ali noted on Twitter that these types of fundraising emails are usually set up in advance, though campaigns are known to hold off on them during sensitive breaking news stories.

A live explosive device was sent to CNN’s New York office on Wednesday, and suspicious packages were found at the residences of the Clintons, the Obamas and billionaire philanthropist and political activist George Soros — all of whom are political opponents of Trump.

Lara Trump’s email was sent just as President Trump vowed Wednesday to “get to the bottom” of the mysterious packages, saying political violence has no place in the United States.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.