Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld Weigh In on Natalie Wood Death Mystery (Video)

Discussing their own possible reunion on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," they discussed how another reunion ended badly

Last Updated: September 8, 2012 @ 12:26 PM

Remember that show-within-the-show "Seinfeld" reunion that took place during the seventh season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"?

And remember how Jerry Seinfeld was suspicious that his "Seinfeld" cohort Larry David, who'd always been against said reunion, was suddenly the one pushing for it to happen?

Slate's Browbeat blog (which gave a shout out to TheWrap's coverage of the Natalie Wood death investigation) remembered another timely detail from the "Curb" plot: Seinfeld and David discussed Wood's death and how another reunion — the remarriage of divorced stars Wood and Robert Wagner — ended badly.

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Check out the video clip below, which almost guarantees that Christopher Walken will never guest on "Curb":


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