Larry David, Paul Scheer, Kate Hudson Dish on ‘Clear History’ During L.A. Premiere (Video)

David gives a shout-out to TheWrap's editor in chief Sharon Waxman

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" fans have a big weekend ahead of them with Saturday's debut of Larry David's HBO original movie, "Clear History."

TheWrap hit the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere, and more than a few of the cast members, as well as director Greg Mottola ("Superbad"), were happy to talk about working with David on the movie, which was mostly improvised. 

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The film stars David as a marketing expert who sells his shares in a start-up electric car company, which goes on to make billions, leaving David publicly humiliated and broke. A decade later, David has changed his name, moved to Martha's Vineyard and is living an entirely new life. When his old boss (Jon Hamm) decides to move in nearby, David sees an opportunity for revenge.

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See what Kate Hudson, Amy Ryan, Mottola, David and more had to say in TheWrap's red carpet video below: