Larry King Praises Hillary Clinton’s Handling of Email Scandal: ‘The Question Is, Is It Convincing?’

In an exclusive Twitter Q&A with TheWrap, the broadcasting legend also addresses the state of media and 2016 presidential race

Last Updated: March 10, 2015 @ 8:47 PM

Media icon Larry King decried the state of journalism on Tuesday while participating in an exclusive Twitter Q&A for TheWrap.

“Too much attention [is given to] tabloid stories & ‘fluffy’ stories in mainstream news,” he wrote during his Q&A with TheWrap. “Kardashians are not news to me.”

“Everyone does these stories, I had to do them, doesn’t mean I like them,” he continued. “However, we should discuss Equal Pay more.”

King kicked off his digital Q&A soon after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had begun a press conference to discuss her email habits. Naturally, she was the subject of one of the first questions King answered.

“[In my opinion, Clinton is] handling it very well, admitting she could have done it another way,” he wrote. “The question is, is it convincing?”

Many consider Clinton a presumptive Democratic candidate in the next presidential election and another Q&A participant wanted to know how King sees the political landscape unfolding in 2016: “Right now it looks like Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton, but things could change in a minute,” he wrote.

King went on to discuss the Los Angeles Dodgers, Nelson Mandela and why Jerry Seinfeld credits him with creating Twitter.

Read TheWrap’s entire Q&A with King here.

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