Larry Wilmore Says Bill Cosby Is So Done, ‘He Can’t Even Run for Dog Catcher’ (Video)

“Nightly Show” host weighs in on accusations against disgraced comedian: “I can’t even believe this shit really happened”

As far as Larry Wilmore is concerned, scandal-plagued comedian Bill Cosby is “through.”

“The Nightly Show” host appeared on SiriusXM radio show “Sway’s Universe” on Monday to discuss, among other topics, Cosby’s troubles and Donald Trump’s mind-boggling popularity.

Asked by host Sway Calloway what would happen if Cosby — who’s been accused of rape or sexual assault by dozens of women in recent months — decided to jump into politics, Wilmore scoffed, “He can’t even run for dog catcher at this point. Cosby’s through.”

Wilmore went on to express his amazement at the salacious accusations against the comedian.

“I can’t even believe this shit really happened, to be honest with you,” he says.

The comedy host then segued from Cosby to Trump, declaring that the presidential contender’s campaign is like “porn politics.”

“It’s funny that when we’re exposed to how nasty this [Cosby situation] is, and then we get candidates like Trump who, to me, that’s like porn politics.”

According to Wilmore, the former “Celebrity Apprentice” host also has a little bit of hip-hop in him.

“He’s almost like a hip-hop candidate in some ways… all he talks about is his bling, right?” Wilmore continued. “He always has a beef with somebody.  It’s like an East Coast/West Coast type of thing, there’s always something going on with Trump. He’s got his own vodka. He’s got his own jet. He’s like P. Diddy or something.”

Watch Wilmore reflect on Cosby and Trump in the video below.