Larry Wilmore Has Outtakes From the ‘Diversity Day’ Episode of ‘The Office’ and He’s Already Said Too Much

“I can’t even say what they are that were so funny,” new Peacock late-night host says of his classic scene with Steve Carell

Diversity Day Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore told TV critics on Monday that he has outtakes from his scene with Steve Carell in the classic “Diversity Day” episode of “The Office” that he “can’t even say what they are.”

The implication being that the outtakes were even more politically incorrect than what made it to NBC’s airwaves in March 2005, on just the second-ever episode of the American “The Office.”

Those outtakes with Carell — who played Dunder Mifflin manager Michael Scott, the man whose offensive impersonation of a Chris Rock stand-up comedy routine triggered the need for Wilmore’s character to administer office-wide sensitivity training — “were so funny,” Wilmore said.

And none of it would fly today. When asked during a press conference for his upcoming Peacock late-night series if the “Diversity Day” episode of “The Office” could be made today in the current political landscape, Wilmore, who was a consulting producer on the sitcom, said, “Absolutely not.”

“There is no way … ‘Diversity Day’ could be produced today, and probably rightly so,” he said at the NBCUniversal streaming platform’s (virtual) Summer 2020 CTAM press tour. “In fact, I have outtakes from that scene with Steve Carell that I can’t even say what they are that were so funny.”

Forget the new Peacock late-night series (not really, we love you Larry), get us those screeners.

“But you never know, things swing back and forth all the time. The culture is very malleable in that way, the things that we find. It’s not so much the things that we can make fun of, but the things we find we can laugh at, and it’s OK to laugh at,” Wilmore continued. “I think I have more things on my list than most people and I acknowledge that and it’s probably why I get in trouble sometimes. I honestly think that the more we can laugh about tough things I just think the better off we are.”

Wilmore’s currently untitled late-night Peacock series, which will feature “real discussions with high-profile people from all different backgrounds including sports, politics and entertainment,” was given an 11-episode order.

“The Office” will be available on Peacock Jan. 1, 2021 and, until then, it’s on Netflix. Wilmore’s Peacock show will debut in September.

Margeaux Sippell contributed to this story.


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