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Larry Wilmore Thrusts Himself Into Bill O’Reilly Shouting Match Over Racism: ‘If You Can’t Find a Brother, I’ll Invite Myself’ (Video)

”Progress is incremental, it’s one step forward, two Bill O’Reillys back,“ the ”Nightly Show“ host jokes

Larry Wilmore is so enamored by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that he superimposed himself into a shouting match the Fox News primetime star had with guest Kirsten Powers Tuesday.

“I can’t take this anymore. If O’Reilly can’t find a brother to have on his show, then I’m going to invite myself on,” Wilmore said during Wednesday’s “Nightly Show” before playing a clip of Powers arguing with O’Reilly over racism in America.

“Hold on Kirsten, I got this,” Wilmore said before going back in time to appear beside O’Reilly and Powers to respond to the Fox News personality saying there’s no longer an epidemic of racism in America.

“Actually Bill, you’re right. It’s not an epidemic because this shit happens all the time,” Wilmore shot back. “It’s not a plague, it’s the common fu–ing cold.”

Wilmore then played a clip of guest Monica Crowley “answering her own questions” and concluding there’s no institutional racism remaining in America.

“It’s bad enough you have three white people debating about racism and then you have one of them answering her own softball race questions,” Wilmore said about the segment.

Wilmore then had some fun cheering on Powers as she went at O’Reilly, and proceeded to poke fun at the sounds coming out of the Fox News star’s mouth.

Watch the video.