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‘Last Chance U’ Head Coach Happily Elaborates on His Beloved Beach House and Cadillacs

Jason Brown also tells TheWrap just how big his hot tub is — yeah, we’ve got all the important answers

If our headline seems like a strange takeaway from an interview with a football coach-turned reality TV star, just watch a few episodes of “Last Chance U” Season 3. And then watch a few more, because Greg Whiteley’s Netflix docuseries is (still) really good, and ICC’s Jason Brown is quite the character.

A few of the non-pigskin-related recurring topics on this just-released run of “Last Chance U” revolve around the Independence Community College head football coach’s luxury possessions, like his beach house back in California and the former Compton quarterback’s numerous Cadillac cars. Now mired in the Middle of Nowhere, Kansas, Brown doesn’t have much more to talk about than some X’s and O’s and those earthly items.

There certainly isn’t any food or recreation there to speak of.

Instead, we began our phone conversation by asking Brown just how big that hot tub he did a bunch of on-camera interviews in is.

“It’s pretty big, man,” Brown said. “Like an eight-seater I guess.”

And though he’s since upgraded his Independence home after last year’s [spoiler alert] big bowl win, Brown still has room for him and seven of his closest friends with bad backs to soak and smoke.

“I took it with me,” he told us of the jacuzzi. “I’m redoing the [new house’s] backyard now. Put a little bar out there, a little cigar lounge.”

Very cool. And where are we at now on that Cadillac tally — did it get all the way up to 10?

“I’ve got three,” the proud Brown told us. “I’ve got two in Independence. I got the DTS, the bigger body, and then I got the CTS, the $100,000 one, I just went out and bought because I wanted a fast coupe. It’s like the fastest Cadillac, it’s pretty scary. Ultra-luxury too. It’s the CTS-V Sport, with the saddle leather man. I had to have it specially made. I got my pit bull, my puppy, the exact same saddle leather harness on him.”

Don’t worry, he puts towels down for the pooch — again, that whip’s like 100 grand.

Finally, what about that beach house we heard so much about in-between junior college football games? You know, the one that is thousands of miles away?

“It’s under construction, man, I can’t even use it right now. I’ve having to get an Airbnb,” Brown said, speaking with us while back west doing press for Netflix in the off-season. “My place had like a roof issue, so construction and insurance are fighting it out. So I’m waiting to get back in there, so it’s been about six months. So I haven’t basically been home since.

“But yeah it’s by the beach, I got like a 100 x 100 deck on the sand,” he added. “It’s pretty cool.”

Sounds like it.

Season 3 of “Last Chance U,” also pretty cool, is streaming in its entirety now on Netflix. The first two seasons, which chronicled Coach Buddy Stephens and the East Mississippi Community College Lions, are also available on the streaming service.

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