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‘Last Man Standing': Mike Unloads Ryan Onto a New Mentor Who Might Buy Bud’s Buds (Exclusive Video)

And Vanessa takes all the credit

Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) finds himself stuck mentoring Ryan (Jordan Masterson) on Thursday’s “Last Man Standing,” but when he gets the chance to unload Ryan onto someone else, he also gets a lead on a possible big sale.

In TheWrap’s exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, titled “High On The Corporate Ladder,” Mike is making himself a nice sandwich while telling Vanessa (Nancy Travis), “Your idea about pushing Ryan off onto another mentor, that was a great idea.”

“No, no, no, do not pin that on me. That was not my idea. Mike, no,” Vanessa replies, protesting the idea that she would have suggested such a thing.

“Listen, I talked to Dave Elliot. He was so impressed with Ryan, he also wants to buy Bud’s Buds. So put that in your hash pipe and smoke it,” Mike says proudly, raising his sandwich to take a bite.

Vanessa shoves his hands down and asks, “So if he buys Bud’s Buds then what happens to Ryan’s job?”

“Oh, he keeps the job, more support, and I don’t have to keep that store anymore. So I kill two birds with one stone,” Mike says smugly, before again attempting to eat his sandwich.

But Vanessa isn’t having it: “So my idea wasn’t just good, it was great.”

“It really wasn’t your idea, was it?” Mike asks teasingly.

But now Vanessa is confident it was her idea all along, and she snatches Mike’s “victory sandwich” as the reward for her brilliance.

Here’s the official description for Thursday’s “Last Man Standing,” courtesy of Fox:

“Mike reluctantly finds himself acting as Ryan’s mentor when he is offered a big corporate job. Meanwhile, Mandy and Kyle attempt to make Ed’s bucket list dreams come true after finding a secret file on his computer.”

“Last Man Standing” airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.