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‘Last Man Standing': Mike Says He Doesn’t Want to Go on Ryan’s Nerdy Podcast – Vanessa Ain’t Buying It (Exclusive Video)

”Podcasts. Sci-fi. Ryan. It’s the trifecta of useless things“

Mike does not want to be a guest on Ryan and Kyle’s podcast. You got that? OK, good, because Vanessa doesn’t and it’s really bothering Mike on Thursday’s “Last Man Standing.”

In TheWrap’s exclusive clip from the new episode, titled “Extrasensory Deception,” Vanessa (Nancy Travis) silently walks up behind Mike (Tim Allen), waiting to discuss Ryan (Jordan Masterson) and Kyle’s (Christoph Sanders ) podcast proposal with him.

“What?” Mike says, just feeling his wife’s presence. “I don’t want to do a podcast with a bunch of sci-fi nerds. They’ll probably just call in and ask, ‘Hey, what are girls like?'”

“Well, that’s totally understandable, I get it,” Vanessa says, clearly not buying Mike’s claims he has no desire to be part of the podcast fun.

“There’s nothing to get. Podcasts. Sci-fi. Ryan. It’s the trifecta of useless things,” Mike says.

Vanessa smiles and says, “I think it’s nice how close you and Ryan are getting” and he says, “I think it’s nice you say such crazy things.”

It gets to the point where Vanessa insists she knows what Mike is thinking and that he really does want to do the podcast — so Mike wants to buy a led helmet so Vanessa can’t read his thoughts anymore.

Here’s the description for tonight’s episode of “Last Man Standing”: “When Kyle and Mandy individually reveal a secret to Mike and Vanessa respectively, they are sworn not to tell the other. Meanwhile, Ryan invites Mike to be a guest on his podcast and Vanessa and the girls devise a plan to pay back a ride waiter.”

“Last Man Standing” airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Fox.