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‘Last Man Standing': Tim Allen Upset Clinton Lost to Trump Because He Couldn’t Tell ‘Pantsuit’ Jokes

TCA 2018: But he argues the former Secretary of State would’ve found them funny

Tim Allen may be a supporter for president Donald Trump, but the “Last Man Standing” star said on Thursday there was one reason he was upset over Trump’s surprising victory. They had to throw away all their pantsuit jokes.

“We had a whole, we had a bank of stuff going on,” Allen said during the the revived comedy’s TCA panel, on how they were planning to address for not-to-be President Clinton. “Those of us in the comedy business went ‘shoot.’ Because of [Trump’s victory], we don’t have all that pantsuit stuff.”

But that doesn’t mean that the comedy leveled at the former Secretary of State’s expense would’ve been mean spirited. “Just the jokes that she would find funny,” he clarified, saying that the for comedians it’s important to not have too much of a partisan slant. “We want both sides to think it’s funny.”

Allen was responding to a question about any story lines the show had to drop because of ABC’s decision to cancel the show. Allen was explaining that “Last Man Standing,” like most other shows, were planning for Clinton to win.

“We really had planned, like so many other people, that Mrs. Clinton would’ve been president.”

But don’t expect the Fox-version of “Last Man Standing” to comment on the person who actually resides in the White House. “I don’t think we’re going to comment specifically on Trump,” said showrunner Kevin Abbott.