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‘Late Night With Seth Meyers': Driving With Kenan Thompson Leads to ‘Night Terrors’ (Video)

It’s an SNL reunion

It was a “Saturday Night Live” reunion on Friday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” as Kenan Thompson stopped by to check in on his old cast mates.

Seth Meyers and band leader Fred Armisen welcomed their old cohort back with open arms, with Armisen lavishing Thompson with praise.

“I’m a roof,” Armisen said. “I’m above you and I’ll keep you warm and safe always.”

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It also prompted a trip down memory lane, as Thompson and Meyers remembered past travel nightmares. In one instance, Amtrak canceled their train, forcing the two men to rent a car together in order to get to a comedy show in Rhode Island. Yet, Thompson lacked a credit card and Meyers didn’t have a license. They were saved because the woman at the rental car company was a fan of Thompson’s Nickelodeon show, “All That.”

“They wanted to know where Kel is,” Thompson said, referencing his “All That” co-star.

The drive didn’t go as smoothly.

“I had like night terrors for a week after,” Meyers said. “Where I’d be like ‘Kenan no!’ You drove so fast.”

Watch the video: