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Late-Night Hosts Return to Mock Trump’s Hurricane Dorian Response (Videos)

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Tuesday was back-to-school for kids and back-to-work for late-night television hosts. Trevor Noah, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers all returned to TV to mock President Trump’s response to Hurricane Dorian.

For starters, watch Meyers take “A Closer Look” via the video above. His was a particularly vicious takedown, starting right off the bat with this line: “The dangerous hurricane is heading towards the U.S., and the president has been saying some pretty dumb stuff about it.”

Well, that as an opener certainly sets the table.

There were plenty more jokes/insults where Meyers’ came from.

Watch “Daily Show” host Noah take his shots here, in a video titled “Hurricane Dorian vs. Sh*tstorm Donald”:

And Kimmel below.

Several of the television comedians made fun of Trump’s preexisting knowledge — or lack thereof — of a Category 5 hurricane.

If you were wondering, yes, even Fallon got in on the fun:

And of course Colbert did. There was no way he was missing out on this opportunity.

As a matter of fact, only CBS’ “Late Late Show” host James Corden laid off — though that doesn’t mean he avoided all jokes about the Trump family.

Watch his Tuesday monologue below. Sharp suit and some solid jokes here.