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‘Late Night’s’ Grown Up Annie Reveals Sex Tape, Coke Habit, and Daddy Warbucks Daddy Issues (Video)

Seth Meyers debuts hilarious character from the depths of his writers’ room

Seth Meyers sparred with what would have made a perfect “SNL: Weekend Update” character on new show “Late Night” Wednesday: Grown up Annie.

The famous redhead orphan child from Broadway and film didn’t exactly stay so sweet when she entered adulthood.

For example: Grown up Annie “accidentally” released a sex tape, writer/actress Michelle Wolf told Seth. “It’s called ‘Hard Knock Life,’ except instead of ‘Knock,’ it’s a word that sounds like ‘Knock,’ except means ‘penis.'”

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And the party girl has completely forgotten where she’s come from: “Turns out other orphans aren’t super-psyched about the girl who inherits millions and gets to live in a mansion,” Grown up Annie said. “It’s like if they had only rescued one of those Chilean miners, I don’t think the others would have been like, ‘Yay we’re so happy to live in this cave!'”

After revealing sexual trysts with Pierce Brosnon, Tom Selleck and Nick Nolte, Annie admitted: “I have daddy issues Seth. I was adopted by someone whose first name was Daddy.”

The segment concluded with the “Late Night” writer belting out a classic song with more than just a vague reference to her love of cocaine.

Watch the video:

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