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‘Late Show': Giuliani-as-Gollum Argues With Himself About Michael Cohen in ‘Lord of the Rings’ Spoof (Video)

Not so precious for Trump’s personal lawyer

Rudy Giuliani can’t seem to decide whether Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, is an honest man or a “pathological liar,” so “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert did what any “Lord of the Rings” fan would do:

Imagine the former New York City mayor as Gollum.

In a video on Monday’s “Late Show,” which takes a scene from the third movie, “Return of the King,” Gollum (Andy Serkis) is arguing with himself, but this time used Giuliani’s words.

“I like Michael Cohen,” Gollum begins. “The man is a liar, a proven liar,” Gollum (with Giuliani’s head) responds. It should be no surprise that Colbert went to “Lord of the Rings” to make his point, the “Late Show” host hasn’t exactly hid his love for Middle Earth.

Just a few months ago, Giuliani called Cohen an “honest, honorable lawyer,” but has since flip-flopped on those comments, labeling Trump’s former personal attorney a “pathological liar.”

For non-J.R.R. Tolkien aficionados, Gollum is a character torn between two differing viewpoints: His lust for the One Ring, and his desire to be free of its influence. He is often seen arguing with himself over whether or not he should kill Frodo (Elijah Wood) or help him destroy the ring.

We’d imagine there are at least some people in the Trump administration who can relate.

Watch the video above.